Emily Fitzgerald

Emily Fitzgerald

Piano Lessons and Piano Instruction

Emily Fitzgerald is a native of Cambria, CA who teaches private piano lessons. She started teaching her first piano student in 2003. She has a diploma from The Master’s College in Biblical studies and has owned her own business since 2009. She enjoys being involved musically in her local community by performing for community events and she continues to help with the music at her church on a monthly basis. Several of her students are sponsored by the Cambria Youth Music Scholarship Fund, which offers music scholarships to local youth who have a desire to take lessons.

The goal of Emily’s piano studio is to teach students to enjoy music. With that goal in mind lessons are focused on helping the student have fun learning to play the piano while at the same time learning to be disciplined in their practice and technique. Every student will be taught to read and play music, understand theory, and be familiar with the history of music. Within this structure there is also flexibility to work with the learning style and musical preference of each individual student using a variety of materials and books.

Piano Studio Location:

1366 Richard Ave
Cambria, CA 93428
Email: seagategirls@yahoo.com
Piano Studio Phone: 805-927-5260

Emily Fitzgerald giving piano lessons
Emily Fitzgerald Studio in Cambria CA