Linda Brady Piano Teacher

Linda Brady

Piano Lessons

Music has been a central part of my life since I began taking piano lessons at the age of six when my parents overheard me trying to pick out the melody of “The Yellow Rose of Texas” on our piano and figured that it was time for piano lessons for me! During my years of piano study, my lessons focused primarily on classical music, although as I grew older and my interests broadened, my training branched out to include other types of music. This is the model of teaching piano that I now follow with my own students.

I began teaching piano when I was fourteen, teaching children in my neighborhood. Even at that age, I found teaching to be fun and fulfilling, a feeling that continues to this day. I approach each student as an individual with specific strengths, challenges and interests. Although I usually use method books, as they introduce musical skills and concepts in an organized and logical way, I incorporate other music into my students’ studies according to their needs and desires.

In addition to teaching piano, I am the pianist at the First Presbyterian Church of San Luis Obispo. I have also played the piano in the community for many years, accompanying local theater productions and school and community choirs. The musical community in San Luis Obispo is like a second family for me and I welcome every opportunity to be involved.

I look forward to continuing to help my students grow as pianists and musicians so they can experience the many joys that music offers!

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